Proper Application of Fire To Ass

Last Wednesday night on Sons of Guns, the job was to revive a Finnish 20mm anti tank gun that hasn’t been used since World War II. Will (the owner) asked one of the guys to go get some rounds they can use to fire the weapon. They need to test fire the finished product to close a $3000 sale.

The guy called everyone he could and couldn’t find the rounds anywhere for the 70 year old, out-of-service weapon. Will was not happy. You could tell he was about ready to fire the guy or kick his ass for ruining the job and the business because he couldn’t find some bullets.

By the end of the show, the guy turns up with the rounds. He said it took some hustle, but eventually he called a guy who knew a guy, who worked with a guy, whose friend had the rounds. Now that’s a professional finder, for ya.

Will says later with a smirk on his face and cowboy accent, “Sometimes it takes the proper application of fire to ass to get what you need done”

Damn right :D

Got your own fire-to-ass story with your employees? Ever been under the gun to get the job done? What did you do? Comment below

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